FU or Ain’t That Some Shit

There comes a time in a woman’s 42 years of life where she has to take a stand.

Where she has to confront this love/hate relationship she has because, “Being in love with you ain’t cheap.” Now, I’ve seen you during all kinds of seasons, from dusk until dawn…we’ve lived in the projects, uptown, downtown, in different boroughs, in tiny apartments to beautiful homes in the suburbs (the property tax alone).

We’ve had boys that are turning into men. But that’s when I had to take my first stand. I told you, “These are black boys.” And while I love our museums and theatres they may like sports and take to the grit. You say, “They may even fall in love with frolicking on the train, enjoying their independence.” They are tall. The cops may give them a hard time. I’m talking to you New York City. You greedy bitch.